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air clean room space refers to a range of particles in the air , harmful air pollutant exclude bacteria , the temperature and the room , cleanliness, room pressure , air velocity and air distribution, noise and vibration and lighting , static control within a certain demand , and given specially designed room. That is, regardless of how changes in the external conditions of the air , and its interior could all have maintained the original requirements set by the cleanliness, temperature, humidity and pressure and other performance characteristics .

Design Standard
Cleanliness Grade Level of Cleanliness Microbe concentration Number/Vessel Applicable Range
Surgical Area Surrounding Area Surgical Area Surrounding Area
Special Clean Operating Room 100 0 0.2 0.4 The Aseptic Operations of Joint Replacement, Organ Transplantation, Brain Surgery, Cardiac Surgery and Ophthalmology
Standard Clean Operating Room 1000 2,000 0.75 1.5 The Aseptic Operations of Brain Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Urinary Surgery, Hepatobiliary and Bone Surgery, Pancreatic Surgery, Ovum Transplantation and General Surgery
Ordinary Clean Operating Room 10000 20,000 2 4 The Operations of General Surgery and Gynecology and Obstetrics
Quasi Clean Operating Room 300000 5 Anorectal Surgery and Surgery for the Infected Part

The main role of the air clean room control products (such as silicon chips, etc.) in contact with the atmosphere and the temperature and humidity to survive clean, so that products can work in a good environment, space, production, manufacture, this space we call the air clean room. According to international practice, dust purification level is mainly based on the particle per cubic meter of air into standard particle diameter is larger than the number specified. That so-called clean without any dust is not 100%, but in a very small amount of control on the unit. Of course, in accordance with this standard criteria of dust particles relative to our common small dust has been minimal, but in terms of the optical structure, even a little bit of dust will have a very large negative impact, so the optical configuration of the production of products , dust is an inevitable requirement.

Will be less than 0.3 microns per cubic meter of dust particle control the number of 3,500 or less, to reach the international standard A dust level. Chip-level standards for the production and processing of clean dust requirements than the A-level, such a high standard is mainly used in some higher level chip production. 0.5uM and below the dust quantity is strictly controlled at less than 1000 per cubic inch, which is the industry called 1K level.

Wuxi Yijing is an experienced medical purification room manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide various types of products such as stainless steel air clean room pass box, single person vertical flow clean bench, and open type clean cabinet.

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