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The MPT clean room Air filter has no baffle. It uses the hot melt adhesive to replace the aluminum foil of the product with baffle to achieve filtration. For there is no baffle, the 50mm thick baffleless product can perform as well as the 150mm thick product with baffle. Under the conditions of same filtration area and efficiency, the 90mm thick HEPA is 1.3 times of the SPAN 150mm thick standard resistance product with baffle and two time of SPAN 150mm thick standard resistance product in air volume. In addition, the aluminum protection with anodization for single side or double sides and the single side or double-side airtight gasket are optional. The MPT product can meet the strict requirements of the air purification for space, weight and energy consumption fully.

Standard Technical Parameters
Class EN 1822 H11 H14 H15
Filtration Efficiency (%) >95 >99.995 >99.9995
Surface Air Speed (m/s) 0.5 0.5 0.5
Initial Resistance (Pa) D=50 72 147 210
Initial Resistance (Pa) D=65 48 99 147

Outside Dimension and Air Volume

Length (mm) Width (mm) Air Volume (m3/h)
305 610 287
610 610 605
760 610 762
915 610 924
1220 610 1242
1170 570 1108
1170 870 1724
1170 1170 2340


1. When the dimension and the weight of the clean room HEPA filter are reduced, the air volume can be increased.
2. We can produce the product with much larger air volume to meet the needs for air speed and working space.
3. In order to facilitate moving and installation, the outer frame of the product can be smaller in size and weight to reduce the weight of product.
4. The excellent design can allow flexible installation, replacement and upgrade for the product.
5. The performance of the Air filter is more excellent than that of product with baffle and outer frame two times of the HEPA product in height.
6. The product with the pleat height of 55mm, 70mm and 75mm can reduce the resistance and improve filtration efficiency of the product. Meanwhile, it can bring the benefit of energy saving.
7. The applicable humidity for the product can be up to 100% and the maximum temperature is 85℃.

Every set of Air filter is inspected at foreign enterprises and 3% of the products would be found unqualified. Most of the unqualified products can be repaired to the qualified products and the left 1% unqualified products cannot be repaired. After testing the domestic product just off the assembly line, the failure rate can be 3% to 10% even up to 30%. The actual condition is that only 10% of the domestic manufacturers have the professional inspection equipment and that the manufacturers adhering to inspecting every set of the product are very little. Many untested products come into the market directly.

Visual observation cannot find the defect of the Air filter. For the occasion with high cleanliness, one such unqualified product can cause failure to the whole project. So every set of product should be inspected with the special test bench strictly. However, the inspection for every set of the product would increase the production cost for the testing expense and the cost of unqualified product. So the price of the qualified product would increase accordingly.

Our Air filter is manufactured in the workshop with high cleanliness. Before being delivered away, every set of our product must pass the standard inspection. With high quality available, our product has been welcome by the customers at home and abroad.

Wuxi Yijing is a professional clean room Air filter manufacturer in China. Our products include GMP manufacturing for workshop and factory, double person air shower room, cleanroom pass box, clean bench, and more.

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