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The stainless steel clean room pass box adopts the SUS304 stainless steel as the material for interior and exterior product body and the two doors. The thickness of the stainless steel is 1.0mm. Meanwhile, the product is equipped with the Taihu ultraviolet lamp with the power of 10W and the wavelength of 254nm. It can get the ideal sterilization effect. In addition, the embedded type installation of ultraviolet lamp can reduce the contact possibility of delivered articles and ultraviolet lamp tube to ensure safe use.

Type Outside Dimension (W×D×H) (mm) Inside Dimension (W×D×H) (mm) Remark
1 500×420×520 300×300×300 Electronic Interlocking and Full Stainless Steel
2 600×520×620 400×400×400
3 700×620×720 500×500×500
4 800×720×820 600×600×600
5 900×820×920 700×700×700
6 1000×920×1020 800×800×800

By taking electronic interlocking, the two doors of the stainless steel clean room pass box cannot be opened at the same time. The adopted lock is the high strength magnetic lock. It can bear the load of 60kg. The two doors of the product are set with transparent visible observation windows with round corners. They are flat and smooth without welding spot. The embedded design makes the doors and the body of the product at the same plane. The PVC plastic sealing strip is also available with good sealing performance. The soft contact control type switches of the two doors control the door lock and ultraviolet lamp respectively. Meanwhile, the bottom corners of the interior of the product are designed with the arc of 45 degrees. With a nice interior available, the product can be cleaned easily. In addition, a matched ultraviolet lamp tube can be provided with the product for free.

The UVC wave band can also be called shortwave sterilizing ultraviolet. Its wavelength ranges from 200 to 275nm. The UVC wave band has the weakest penetrability and cannot penetrate most of the transparent glass and plastic. The shortwave ultraviolet in the sunlight is almost absorbed by the ozonosphere completely. It has great harm to the human body. Short time irradiation can burn the skin. And long-term or high-intensity irradiation can cause skin cancer. The ultraviolet lamp can emit the UVC shortwave ultraviolet. So the operator should know that the ultraviolet lamp can be opened only after the doors of the pass box have been closed tightly to avoid harm.

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